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Frequently Asked Questions Individual

You can send an email to “info@checkiteasy.com” requesting help. You will receive an answer shortly with reminding you of your username and password.

Your information will be safe, since we adhere to all data protection laws. You can consult our notice and privacy policies in the following links.

Once you click  submit, in a period of 3 to 4 business days a report will be generated with all your information and the validation of it.

All your information will be securely stored on our platform.

If you are interested in receiving the report generated at that time, you can send an email to “info@checkiteasy.com”. If you are interested in updating your information and have a new report, it is necessary to request a new validation.

Check it easy is a background validation company that works directly with the person who owns the information in this way you can ensure that your information is secure and is not being handled by third parties.

We request personal information because with it we can demonstrate that the information that you are sharing with us is correct and matches the government’s data.

Check it easy will not perform any validation or store your data unless you agree to our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policies. No validation process will be carried out without the authorization of the owner of the information.

If you are interested in updating your information from an active validation (that is, the report has not yet been generated) you can send an email to “info@checkiteasy.com” with your name and request.

If you are interested in updating your information on a completed validation (that is, the report has already been generated), it is necessary to request a new validation.

Of course. Check it easy is a platform developed for both companies and individuals. It gives you the opportunity to get an Official Certification of your experience, that you can use in any of your future career steps.

Check it easy has more than 10 different types of validations since we adapt to each need, for this reason there is no specific price. If you are interested in a validation, contact us (link to contact), tell us about your needs and we will offer you a tailored maid quote.

A full validation can include the following types of validations

  • Personal Details
  • Identity information 
  •  Address 
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Reference
  •  Credit bureau
  • Motor vehicle
  • Criminal Record
  • Social Media
  • Compensation
  • Firm
  • Anti-Doping Test

Results can take 3-4 business days

You can write to us at “info@checkiteasy.com” with your questions and we will answer them as soon as possible

Once the validation is finished you will receive a complete report with all your validated information in PDF format.

In case you realize that you submitted an incorrect document or that you could not upload it, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible to the email “info@checkiteasy.com”, do not forget to include the correct document.

In case the person responsible for the validation notices the error, they will contact you as soon as possible so that you can provide the correct document

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