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You can consult our notice and privacy policies in the following links.

Check it easy has more than 10 different types of validations since we adapt to each need. If you are interested in a validation, contact us (link to contact), tell us about your needs and we will offer you a tailored maid quote. 

We work with all sectors since our service can be adapted to the needs of each of our clients by carrying out a 100% custom validation

Check it easy performs custom validations so you can include different types of validation to suit your needs.

Types of validations:

  • Personal Details
  • Identity information 
  •  Address 
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Reference
  •  Credit bureau
  • Motor vehicle
  • Criminal Record
  • Social Media
  • Compensation
  • Firm
  • Anti-Doping Test

Results can take 3-4 business days

Of course, the necessary validations of each candidate can be carried out.

All validations are paid in advance, so once the validation is requested it can no longer be canceled

For us (Check it easy) privacy is very important and it is part of our promise and differentiating factor and therefore our platform is designed so that the person to whom the validation is going to be carried out is the one who provides the information. For this reason there is no way to carry out a validation without the person’s knowledge

You must first request the validation from Check it easy (contact button).

  1. You will be asked for the name, surname, email, telephone and nationality of the person.
  2. With this information a check will be generated and automatically the person will receive an email with their username and password as well as the documents they will need for the process.
  3. When the user enters the platform, it will request different information depending on the type of validation that was requested. Once finished the person can know our privacy policies and our terms & conditions.
  4. An analyst will verify that all the information provided is correct and will make the necessary contacts to verify it as well as searches in national and international public databases.
  5. Once everything is verified, the system will generate a report with all the details.

Payments are made in advance so we do not accept validation cancellations.

Partial refund could be considered only if the validation process could not be concluded due to a lack of information regarding the person validated.

In the event that the person to be validated has not made the first login with their username and password, it is possible to make changes to the type of validation. It is important to mention that the costs may vary depending on the type of validation and extra charges may arise with the change.

We accept payments with cards through PayPal and electronic transfers

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