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How does a Background Check work at Check It Easy?

What is a validation

At Check It Easy you can pick from a long list of validations. These validations, also known as background checks, are inquiries made to verify different aspects of a person or a company. You can do background checks for renters, babysitters, employees choosing the ones that are most relevant to the positions. An Official Certification then can be generated, which authenticates one’s experience. Background checks are legal and important for you as a company or as an applicant for a Job.

A national survey by HR aimed to find out how companies approach background checks. More than 1,528 HR professionals participated.

The research confirmed that the quality of hires improve if you do a background check, the report also revealed that background checks help uncover false information on the resumes. 96% of the respondents of the survey confirmed that their companies conduct at least one type of Verification before hiring. The most common reason to do it is for safety, 89% of the respondents confirmed that they conduct background checks for the purpose of protecting their employees, customers and others.

Why background checks are important:

As a company it’s obvious you want to hire the best candidates to work for you, doing background checks and screening process pre-employment or during the employment process can help you verify the candidates are qualified and have the wanted character, also doing this background checks on employees can keep your workplace safe and reduce your company’s liability.

Background checks before interview? 

Yes, yes and yes. 

Having background checks online can be very convenient for you if you are applying for a job. Handing in a complete background check from a recognized company gives you credibility and advantage over other applicants.

What are some of the validations Check It Easy offers? 

Check It Easy offers a wide range of  validations, and powerful digital management tools, which protects and strengthens the security of organizations. Background checks are easy but also, background checks are thorough. Now let’s look into the different types of validations Check It Easy offers: 

  • Personal Details:
  • Personal Details are mandatory because with this information we generate access to the platform. We ask for the complete name, e-mail, date of birth, nationality and phone number. Check It Easy never shares your personal details with anyone, it’s completely private. We verify your information within 3 to 5 business days.

    • Identity:

    Identify validation is one of the most requested by companies. We validate the identity and to certify that the person is who he/she says he/she is, and the authenticity of the documents. The documents we ask for the Identity Validation are Identity documents related to taxes, for example RFC in Mexico, or TIN in the US, and social security numbers and IDs.

    • Address:

    For the Address Validation we require information about the current and past residences, documents like proof of address, rental contract, utility bills, and reference. This validation is relevant if you want to confirm that a person lives where they claim. It is vital to verify one’s permanent address, especially if they’re working in your home or with your family.

    • Education:

    We validate college certificates, masters and doctorates. The documents that we ask for are titles and identity cards when applicable. We also validate courses and certifications. The Education Validation is really important for a company that wants to know if a candidate is qualified for the position, and have right hard skills. It is also beneficial for applicants, to have officially certified qualifications when applying for jobs. 

    • Employment:

    We validate current and past jobs through references from direct or indirect bosses, we also utilize contracts, payroll vouchers and social security numbers when applicable. It is vital during the hiring process, through this background check we validate the person’s job performance. It can access the candidates who are most suitable for the positions. Applicants can also benefit from The Employment Validation to request more competitive compensation. 

    • Reference:

    The Reference Validation is focused on validating the character of the person using references such as friends, family, colleagues, or subordinates. Unlike an Employment Validation,  Reference Validation is focused on the character of the person and not on their job performance. It’s always important to have a healthy work environment, through Reference Validation you can make sure that the person will fit into the corporate culture. As an applicant, you can make sure the company knows you’re a person with integrity and honesty who will contribute to a healthy workplace.

    • Credit Bureau:

    We validate through the annual credit bureau report of the profile, this allows employers to know the credit history of the person to validate. The Credit Bureau Validation is recommended for positions in finance and accounting industries. 

    • Vehicle:

    We verify the driving history of a person and their vehicles. From fines to debts. The Vehicle Validation is especially vital for positions in logistics or transportation of important merchandise.

    • Criminal Record:

    We verify the information obtained in identity to know the criminal and civil history of the person, with access to a public and international database, The None Criminal Record Validation can help employers maintain workplace safety and avoid workplace theft. Employers face responsibilities for their employees, as well as the safety of their customers. 

    • Social Media:

    Can background checks see private social media? No, we include the employee in the process and he/she needs to make their Socials open for the validation.

    We verify that the information obtained in the CV matches the Linkedin profile, we also review public profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, we could not access to profiles that are private. We also search in General Media pages in case there is news with the name of the person.

    • Compensation:

    We validate the current salary received by the person. This validation facilitates the recruitment process for the human resources department, and offer the applicants competitive salaries. 

    Learn more about Check it Easy and to see how we can help you to fasten the background checks process, connect with us on LinkedIn, visit our website or schedule a demo today.


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