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Raising awareness to Data Protection

Today, January 28th we celebrate Data Privacy Day, also called Data Protection Day. A day to raise awareness and to promote privacy data protection. Many countries, including the United States, Canada and 47 European countries celebrate this day, and encourage people to own their privacy responsibilities to create a culture of privacy.

What is Data Protection? 

With the increasingly technological era the concerns around data protection are rising. Now what is Data Protection? And why is it important?

Data Protection is the way of keeping safe, relevant and important information from misuse, corruption, loss or compromise. The Data Protection Act offers protection to individuals at any time they have to hand out personal information. Under the GDPR, users can hold institutions accountable for keeping and using their data in-line with the rules. Also, the GDPR indicates that Data must only be used with the purposes that it was collected. For organizations, protecting the Data under the GDPR is the law. 

Creating good data protection principles, and educating your staff members about this should be a standard procedure. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation that exists as an important part of the EU privacy and human rights laws. The essential intention of the GDPR is to enlarge peoples rights over their personal data.

At Check It Easy we comply with the regulations that the GDPR and the Federal Data Law (Mexico) stand for. We care and protect the data of our customers and. Check It Easy allows candidates to upload confidential documents and information securely and seamlessly on our platform, without any third party integration.  

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