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Why should HR do background checks before hiring

Imagine this, a candidate just completed a 30 minutes-interview with the HR department for a new position. Both parties are content with the results, and the candidate is expecting an offer from the company. HR did a procedural background check, found the candidate wasn’t being truthful about his last job, and he was let go because of a fraud. By conducting a background check the HR avoids hiring someone who is quite likely to be a re-offender.

84% of employers have found a lie or misrepresentation in a candidate´s resume or job application. Doing a background check on candidates before making an offer or hiring improves the security of a company; reduces long-term costs by avoiding layoffs, rehiring and training.

Although the interview process is a decisive factor in the selection of the candidate, the background and job references play a very important role, so much so that a hiring may fall due to not being truthful and consistent with the information provided by the candidate.

Thanks to the use of ICT, LinkedIn and other social media, the human resources departments of companies can verify information on the profile of their candidates. But the problem still persists, it is time consuming and costly to do it inhouse. Experts warn that six out of 10 employers have rejected a candidate for a bad job.

Check it Easy provides easy to use, fast and reliable background checks, among the main benefits of doing a validation, Check It Easy also offers a range of comprehensive background checks on the following:

  • Identity
  • Education
  •  Job
  •  Compensation
  •  Social media
  •  Direction
  •  References
  •  Criminal Background
  •  Credit bureau

Learn more about Check it Easy and to see how we can help you to fasten the background checks process, connect with us on LinkedIn, visit our website or schedule a demo today.

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